Wednesday, February 25, 2009

16 years minus 4 days

Four more days (MARCH FIRST) til my 16th birthday, woooopie!

So on saturday, I'm having this little kick back type of party with bunches of food, family, and friends. I'm definitely excited, for sure. I'll even try to get some pictures up of my little shin-dig for you guys to see :)

Oh, and friday, my cousin tina, her friend mayra, and I are making a plan to go to the Mideval Times! Its like a dinner and a jousting show, which I am soooo siked for! I've been dying to go since like ever! I just hope we actually end up going... lol

But yeaah, that's my little update for today. I'll be back later, muchoo love!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

OPI's South Beach collection

i was bored this morning and decided to look around for new nail polishes (i had just finished painting my nails with OPI's "a rose at dawn... broke by noon...") because all my nail polishes are fairly old.

upon arriving at the site, i see that OPI has come out with its new collection entitled "south beach", getting ready for the arrival of the warm months, i presume? lol. well anywhooo, the colors look very summery and fun. i have already fallen in love with a few and i'm DYING to get my hands on themmm!

Monday, February 16, 2009

blogger garage sale!

hello allll, 'tis i again :)

well, this weekend, ive FINALLY got around to getting some pictures up of my "for sale" items. im HOPING that i'll get a few offers because since i dont have a job, this is the only way i can get money without asking my parents (who aren't doing so well financially either; darn economy) i have a few today and there will be more coming sooon, possibly in a different entry. but first and for most, here are rules.

1. i accept money orders and concealed cash(i don't have paypal, sorry!)

2. if you have ANY questions whatsoever, don't hesitate to ask; i'm friendly :)

3. only place orders with money in hand, im in need of the money

4. if you have already "placed your order," please dont flake

5. i will send out your items when i recieve your payment first (under no circumstances will i send first)

6. i charge $3-5 for shipping

7. no refunds and/or exchanges (sorry)

- NIKE SB HI "WHEAT" size 5.5 mens, DS condition; never worn, no flaws $375 - one of the first original SB's ever released. one of the few that still have the famous "fat" tounge. fairly rare to find in DS condition.

- KEEP "NUSS" size 8 womens/6.5 mens $60 - in DS condition, never once worn. comes with free KEEP bag.

- KEEP red flannel flats size 8 womens/6.5 mens $20 - these were bought for $30 but were worn a few times so the price has been lowered. still in great condition. this also comes with a free KEEP bag.

- NIKE DUNK HI size 6 kids $40 - worn over 10x but still in fantabulous condition. regular GR dunks.

- NIKE AIR FORCE 1 2007 size 6.5 womens $50 - bought for $80 at MAJOR; worn less than 10x, still in great condition. comes with blue and brown laces.

all of these sneakers/ shoes come in their own box. they're all either too big or too small which is why i want to sell them(also to get extra cash). they're all in great condition.

thanks for looking, i hope you find something interesting. if there are any questions or if you want to see additional pictures, comment me or contact me at

thanks guys!

Friday, February 13, 2009

no me siento bien :(


so, i've caught a cold. i feel horrible, i can't breathe, i can't sleep, and everything i eat tastes like shittt. grr....
i hate being sick. i have to breathe through my mouth, huyy.

i have family from pennsylvania and new jersey coming over tonight and i'm sooo NOT in the mood this weekend. because of me getting sick and the sudden arrival of relatives, i've had to cancel all the plans i've made with my friends this weekend. didnt like that all too much. :(

gee, my cousins gonna be bored as shieet since ima probably be sick all weekend in bed. aw, i feel bad for them, lol.

oh, and thursday was a bad day. that's when my cold signs started to show up. along with that, my cramps and fatigue started kicking in first block so i tired and in pain all damn day! my head felt like a balloon and on top of that, i'm pretty sure i failed my algebra 2 test that day. i just couldnt think straight.

ugh, i think im gonna go take some nyquil and hope that i fall asleep.

but, have a great valentines day everyone :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

day 15!

Hello alll!

Its early in the morning and I'm eating breakfast while watching family guy and writing this little entry.

So as I've explained to you guys, I've been eating a LOT LOT lately. Because of the possible fat gain (lol), I've decided to bump up my cardio workouts. I'm still keeping most of my strength training and weight lifting in first period but instead of walking at night, I've decided to run/jog instead. So monday, wednesday and friday mornings, I jog for 10 minutes along with a few ab exercises. Every evening I'll do about 10 to 15 minutes of aerobic training along with a few minutes on the jump rope (just to switch it up). I've done research that all said that walking is great but higher intensity workout like jogging or running is better if your goal is weight loss so I've decided to give it a shot. All this in combination of more calories burned than consumed.

I'm excited for school today! Well, kind of. Today in fitness, we've got our pilates day! I absolutely LOVE pilates so I'm definitely gonna be really in the zone today! Lol. Unfortunately, I have 2 tests today, one in biology and one in spanish 3. Gay shit man. Lol

Wish me luck, por favor :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

people, people please...

I'm currently watching NBC4 while writing this little blog on my sidekick.

I really should be working on my biology and algebra 2 homework but I'm just feeling off today. I've eaten so much in the past 2 days; there goes all my hard work!

But I did have a chance to burn off a few calories today in first period doing the "30 day shred." That workout was a killer, I swear I couldn't get up after the 2 circuit. Too bad I ate even more afterwards. I had my lunch (yogurt, chips, and grapes) plus a little sample of a lunch test for the our lunch people. Then I came home, ate rice with sausages, 1 ice cream sandwhich and a bag of chips. Geees.

Sunday I just felt like a fat pig cause I ate like there was no tomorrow, literally. I don't know, I guess the combination of all the bad fooods just had me feeling down today. I think I'll go finish my biology and algebra 2 homework now... then maybe skip the walk tonight and take a nap...


Friday, February 6, 2009

just my fucking luck

oh great!
so around 3 pm my shoe package came in that i ordered right? i was so excited! i opened the box and tried it on immediately when i got into my room. keep in mind, they're a size 5.5. now, i NORMALLY would wear a 6 but i had a pair of women dunks in a 6.5(5.5 in mens), meaning they'd be the same size. i measured them out and everything.

i stuck my feet in and guess what came to my surpise...

its too fucking small. its cause i have fat ass feet, thats why! if any of you know anything about nike sb's, they're made with a fat tounge in order to support your feet when you skate. yeah and since the wheats are one the only dunk hi's that still have a fat tounge, it made the shoe fit smaller :(

i figured i'd be able to fit it cause i had a pair of dunks the same fucking size! but i guess the low and hi part of the shoe caused the problem.

my parents spent $370 on these! and they dont fitttt :( grrrrr...
i cant return them because they dont except exchanges or refunds, fucking bull.

i guess all thats left to do is sell them! (or see if any fat will shed off of my feet, lol)

so any looking to own a DS pair of NiKE WHEAT SB'S in a size 5.5, very rare to find might i add, hit me uppp! i'll probably just sell for the same price that i bought it for since i've never fucking worn it.

grrr... im so pissed. this is bullshit, cereal.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

day 7!

so i've told yall about my little workout regimen right? yep, well its day 7 of that, congrats to mee! haha

here's my set up so far:
5 days a week, i have my first block fitness class that involves strength training and weight lifting to help with my toning and muscle building stuffff. 6 days a week, i walk every evening for 45 minutes at 3.5 mph at a 1% incline. the walks alone burn about 250 calories per walk, all this information according to my treadmill, of course. then on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays i wake up an extra 20 minutes or so to do a 15 minute run (or a mile) at 5mph.

hopefully that'll be good for now. i know, i needa increase but i figured that i need to actually accomplish my goals at these levels before i move on, i dont knoww, seems right. lol.

oh! and my victoria's secret orders came in today with somaly's package! i was so excited to see 2 packages with my name on it. haha. well anywhooo... the bathing suit is adoooorable! like i put it on once i got to my room, lol. the top actually fits pretty swell but having it on i saw all the problem areas i needed to work on. my tummy, legs, and BUTTT! gees, i hate my ass, i really do. its always been a problem for me but im dedicated this year to whip it into shape! haha. i tell ya, all the cardio and strength training really does the work, my butt muscles are really tightening up, believe me!

with that in mind, i know it'll keep me motivated - along with a few special people. :)
so, i've decided to make this my little fitness blog/journal as well as just my everyday life. you'll be able to tell by the title what an entry is about so if it starts with "day..." then you may not wanna read it. lol

i got body measurements! and dont be surprised at how huge i am, i know this and im trying to fix it!
bust = 33 in.
waist = 28 in.
hips = 39 in.
& my current weight is about 142 lbs. yes im a fat pig, but i WILL lose weight and get in shape. i PROMISE you :)