Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1 month later...


Ugh, second week and two tests. I just failed my chemistry one yesterday and I've got an american studies one tomorrow. Arg! I need to studyy :( I just sent in an application for a permit to park in my school's lot, I guess I'll find out if I get one tomorrow. I'm also officially apart of my school's "SGA" or student government...association?. I hope that'll be a legit reason to want a permit lol. My driving test will be coming up soon aswell! I'm definitely excited for thaat, but I still need practice :/ guy problems have occured, and they're still in progress, hate it!

I stil need to add more sneakers to my ebay account to sell, I need new jeans. My old jeans are just wayy too big around the hips and waist now. I just bought a pair of abercrombie & fitch jeans in a size 4 and they fit perfect :) motivation!

I think I'm gonna post up some pictures from the summer, too many words is just boring lol.