Wednesday, February 23, 2011

random morning

Hey guys!

sorry for being so late again! i've been busy with school even though i really have only 2 classes right now. it sucks. but i have no class this morning so i'm here for yall :)

sooo with the upcoming warm weather, i've started a workout regime again along with eating less. I would diet, but i dont believe i could stay on a diet. so, i eat everything i ate before, just a LOT less lol

i recently bought me a new bathing suit a few weeks because i couldn't resist the price reduction and the cute-ness of iti bought it at with their special pricing and i absolutely LOVE it. the shipping was also a piece of cake, the second day after i received an email telling me that it was shipped, i got it in the mail.

so, i currently use that as my motivation for a summer bod. that's my version of the "itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini" lol that i hope to wear for the first time during senior week at ocean city, md ;)

as of right now, my regime goes as follows:

Monday: strength training/weight lifting, 30 min jog
Tuesday: 30 min jog, pilates (which will start mid March)
Wednesday: strength training/weight lifting, 30 min jog
Thursday: 30 min jog, pilates
Friday: strength training/weight lifting, 30 min jog
Saturday(occasional): 30 min jog, boxing
Sunday: Rest

i get most of the strength training and weight workouts from my glamour and shape magazines that come in the mail. so far, i think things are working out well. My goal weight is about 115 lbs to 120 lbs. and i stand about 5'1" almost 5'2" so i think it's reasonable. I weight myself last night and i weighed in at 135.4 lbs. according to my home scale. i was almost 140 lbs so i'm glad i caught myself when i did lol.

i've been on this for almost 3 weeks now and i think i have seen a very LITTTLE improvement so far. but i've just recently (as in these past couple of days) changed my eating habits so i'm hoping i'll see more changes soon.

more to come!
thanks :)