Thursday, March 31, 2011

Update! again..

hey loves,

'tis I, here to update again. I've been busy still with school and trying to get my workout stuff together for Prom. I already bought my Prom dress and all but I'm trying to lose a little weight before I get it altered and all. I already got in a size bigger but I'm trying to even get to a size smaller lol

Anywho, i skipped my public speaking class today cause i have a test on a book in ap lit and it didnt read it. stupid me, i know :( but i am still going to pilates, just cause class just started on tuesday and im pretty sure i'll be getting my money's worth.

Also, my jogs/runs have actually been taking place outside now. Before i did all my running indoors on a treadmill but i got sooooo booring so i took it outside and i enjoy it much now. i wanted to go running this morning but it's soo wet and nasty out

speaking of mornings, i usually ALWAYS workout in the morning. just so i can get it out of the way without making excuses later. unfortunately, i haven't been faithful lol my alarms still rings at 4:45 every morning but i just turn it off and fall back asleep. i obviously love mornings lol

be back soon!