Tuesday, December 30, 2008

hello alll :)

soo, its tuesday...

gee, i can't believe how quickly this winter vacay has gone by! theres less than a week left before school starts all over again. oh no! lol

i did some shopping over the weekend with the other $20 that i had on saturday and bought 2 shirts from aeropostale because their riot sale thingy totally had me! haha

now sunday, party dude!

the 28th was my girl, kelly's birthday and she's FINALLY fifteen! haha congrats, girrrl :)

well, sunday night me and a bunch of friends got together at Chef Lin's buffet for kelly's b-day.

it was definitely fan-fucking-tastic night!

i've decided to leave y'all with a picture from that night.
kelly's in the blue cap if anyone's curious.
aint she just a cutie? haha

see if you can find mee!
(hint - i'm the only tan person there! haha )

- jenn

p.s. is part of that picture cut off or is it just me?

Saturday, December 27, 2008

day two

okay so, like i said, i'd try to get a picture and a review up of the monistat chafing relief thing & i did :)

now, i suffer from VERY oily skin. and when i say oily, i mean OILY. okay, so during the winter season, my skin is more of a combination where my t-zone is oil packed while my cheeks tend to be dry. i've heard from several people that the monistat gel is perfect for people with my skin type and surely, they were RIGHT! no doubt.

okay so after i got out of the shower at about 10am, i lotioned myself and whatnot. lol. then before putting on my EDM foundation, i used the gel as my primer. it applies very good and dries leaving your face feeling soooo soft! then, i applied my concealer, foundation and bronzer as usual and tried to busy myself throughout the day. from 10am to 7 pm is about, eh, 10 hours if im not mistaken? here are the results!

now, while i was out with the folks shopping, i constantly asked my mom to oil check me (me and madre and tight:) haha) and she kept saying "i see no oil, i see no oil" when i returned home from that forever long trip, surely enough, she was right! i was so shocked and ecstatic to see that my face wasnt the "omg, you look like you sat in a sauna all day" kinda face. no doubt that im happy and WILL be stocking up on this stuff. i recommend this for sure!

okay, so my camera has been REALLY sucky lately. and according to the flash on this picture, my forehead looks like a waterfall of oil (blehhh...icky! LOL) also, pay no attention to my eyes (i forgot to use my UDPP...sad story, lol) and my hair is a mess too.

oh that reminds me!

i used Aussie's sprunch spray thing after my shower this morning, right? and i sprayed it in my hur and sprunched like i thought i was suppose to. it came out all right, not exactly what i was looking for though. but whatev, i'll just put large amounts in my hair when i use to to kinda keep the bottle moving. lol.

well, good night now!

take care

- jenn

Friday, December 26, 2008


so, i'm new to blogspot.

originally, i had a page at tumblr but there were much more people that i knew here on blogspot so here i am! :)

hope you guys dont mind.
well i figured i would start off where i left off on tumblr, which was a walmart haul =P

okay, so i bought:
  • Aussie's sprunch spray
  • nail polish remover
  • monistat chafing relief powder gel

now, to clear up any kind of confusion, the chafing gel is NOT for your vag area, okay! lol. i've watched youtube videos that have all had great reviews on this stuff. apparently, its a great and very inexpensive primer for your face. since i just bought it today, i didnt have a chance to try it out i'll probably be providing my own personal review for it, eh, tomorrow, i'd say. lol. and, maybe a picture of me trying out my new sprunch spray! excited, much. lol.

i hope you all had a great holiday!

take care

- jenn