Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1 month later...


Ugh, second week and two tests. I just failed my chemistry one yesterday and I've got an american studies one tomorrow. Arg! I need to studyy :( I just sent in an application for a permit to park in my school's lot, I guess I'll find out if I get one tomorrow. I'm also officially apart of my school's "SGA" or student government...association?. I hope that'll be a legit reason to want a permit lol. My driving test will be coming up soon aswell! I'm definitely excited for thaat, but I still need practice :/ guy problems have occured, and they're still in progress, hate it!

I stil need to add more sneakers to my ebay account to sell, I need new jeans. My old jeans are just wayy too big around the hips and waist now. I just bought a pair of abercrombie & fitch jeans in a size 4 and they fit perfect :) motivation!

I think I'm gonna post up some pictures from the summer, too many words is just boring lol.


Saturday, August 1, 2009


heyy all!

gee, its been a while, huh? i've been so caught up in the summer life, ya know? i've recently completed my in-car portion of driver's ed. so i'm excited to be getting my license sooon! :) i'm also planning on going to Ocean City this coming weekend with my cousins. i've also recently sold 2 pairs of my sneakers on EBay, yay! haha. i've also been spending bunches of time with my friends. it's been a great summer lately. this past week alone was one the best weeks of summer i've ever had! happiness :D

oh and by the way, i think with all the days spent with my friends, i've lost a few pounds! i weighed myself yesterday morning and the scale said i now weigh 127 lbs! like oh my! i'm definitely excited noww! if i can work out a bit more, i might be able to get down to 115 lbs. that's like my goal weight! more motivation!

well thats all for now. i'll update more later :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

yeaaah, another post :/

sorry, i know i've been talking a lot lately, lol. this will be a really long post, fyi.

first off, on friday, my cousin tina, & i are having a girls day out! we're going to stop by Sally's to do a little beauty supply shopping ;) and then we're going out to lunch at California Pizza Kitchen, my absolute FAVORITE spot, ever! i go back for their Chinese Chicken Salad every damn time! it's thaat good, you guys should go try it :) afterwards, we're going to play a round of Tennis, my absolute FAVORITE sport :) and then we're gonna finish with a chillaxing time at the neighborhood poool. i'll actually be in a BIKINI! pictures from that day, maybe ;)

now, on to the important stufff! now that the HEAT as finally arrived, we all have been cutting our makeup routines short. i, personally, have only been using tinted moisturizers, eyeliner and mascara. i actually make my own tinted moisturizer! i put my favorite moisturizer (OLAY complete w/ spf 15 for combo./oily skin) and mix that with my EDM sandy medium matte foundation! i mix up and it comes out coool. lately, i've read up on a EricaLeigh777's blog and she mentioned that you can mix in a little of loose gold eyeshadow into your moisturizer to get that glow on your skin. i had a sample size of Gold Dust eyeshadow ( i cant remember where it's from, sorry! lol) so i decided to try it out and add a teeeny bit. idk if it's enough to make a difference but i guess i will just have to see! i'm actually thinking about purchasing MAC's Old Gold pigment to actually test that idea out, properly. more money, ughh :(

so, i got my classes for my Junior year!
why did i post my schedule on here? idk, what are the chances that someone whose reading my blog goes to Walkersville High? not very high lol. im already nervous cause most of my classes are like "get yo head in yo books!" kinda classes but i know college's really look at you during your Junior year of high school so i hope this does me right, lol.

ALSO! im considering getting some colored contacts. my cousin (ounsreysomaly.blogspot.com, check her outt) actually has her own business with those GEO lenses so im thinking about getting a brown and blue pair from herr. they look awesome!

well, i should be heading on in the showerr. i needa get up early tomorrow - im cooking breakfast for my madre tomorrow! there'll be hashbrowns, scrambled eggs, bacon & toast. yumm! :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

first and foremost: the title says it all.

on a lighter note, i just wanted to update you guys on my summer. so, i've been doing what i've been wanting lately, and that's chillen with my homies! the thing is, im STILL not doing it as much. idk if its all asian parents but my parents are definitely STRICT. they almost NEVER let me out, so it came as a surprise when they actually let me, lol. but anyhow, yes. i've been out and about with my friends more often. living my teenage life! wooohooo! hah.

i also JUST finished Driver's Ed. this past friday and got a 92% on the written final, yay! now, my in-car test is the last week of July so i wont even be able to get my license until August, but blah. lol.
sooo, i've been dying to get my hands on some new China Glaze polishes:
In Lime Light - it's kind of an obnoxious NEON green but i like it for summer :)
For Audrey (of course, lol) - i just wanted to see what the hype was about, lol.

Spontaneous - this looks like a pretty purple, & i need a pretty purple for summerr :)

these were based on the pictures shown at SallyBeauty.com so check them outt. i will be stopping by my local Sally's to pick these up, fer sure :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy father's day!

hello everyone, and happy father's day!

i hope you all have something nice to do for your daddies out thurr. my mom and i decided to take my dad out to one of those japanese restaurants where they cook the shit in front of you, like Sakura for instance! i thought that would be fun (if he doesnt get called in to work tonight, ugh)

anyhow, due to the special occasion, i decided to amp up my look a bit. now, theres no foundation on my skin, just highlighter, blush and a little finishing dust so BEWARE - it may be a scary sight, lol. buttt, i decided to do like a neutral, yet smoky kind of loook. my eyes are small so i cant really do much with them, lol.

Urban Decay Primer Potion
EDM "Golden Globe Eye Palette":
-Gold used with MAC FIX+ for lid
-Brown used with MAC+ for crease
CS 88 Matte Palette:
-the 2nd darkest shade for the outer V
MAC MSF in Soft and Gentle for Brow Highlight
Sephora mini eyeliner pencil in black
Wet n' Wild Kohl eyeliner in White for waterline
Estee Lauder "Sumptuous" mascara

MAC MSF in Soft and Gentle for Highlights
EDM "Email Me" blush
EDM "Natural Reflections Light" for finishing powder

NIVEA "a kiss of moisture" lip balm

i also have something else for yaa, i took a picture of me in the outfit i plan on wearing tonight. i wanted to keep it casual, but kinda flyy, ya know? haha, well i tried to atleast, lol. my hairs everywhere cause i got out the shower and im letting it air dry - im thinking about straightening it today, hmm... i'm short and stubby looking, sorry. lol

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

happy hump day!

itss wednesday, everyone!

that means, 2 more school days of this week! wooohooo! buttt, i do have my Algebra 2 & Biology finals on Thursday and Friday which is kind of crappy. funny thing is, i suck in both of those classes! my parents checked my grades and saw that i had a C in those two classes (79.2% in Bio & 77% in A2) and are debating on whether or not they'll let me go to my friend, Hannah's, sweet sixteen party. fucking bummer, dude. :( now the pressure's ON to pass those exams because they can potentially give me a B! I NEED THAT B, DAMNIT! haha

well, i talked to my counselor today about a few schedule changes that i was trying to make. since i am absolutely HORRIBLE at math, i decided to drop my Honors Chemistry class i was going to take next year and take AP Environmental Science instead. after all, im much more interested in the environment than in doing chemical equations, ew. but i have 2 more slots available for dropping classes but there's sooo many i regret takingg! :/

i also have my Spanish 2 final next monday. i'm HOPING that wont be too hard because i pretty much know what im doing - pretty much, lol. ANDD i start my first day of Driver's Ed. that same monday after schoool! i'm nervous, and excited for that, haha.

so, lately, ive been OBSESSED with candles and i can't figure out why. i mean at first i thought it was because it made my room smell greaat (my room usually smells gross 'cause my dogs sleeps in my room) but now, i light that shit up once im in my room. idk, i guess its just the relaxed feeling i get from it. especially in a time of final exams, ughh.

well, i just needed to talk to someone soo that's why i wrote all this here, in my cyber journal! haha

Sunday, June 7, 2009

1 mile down!

heyyy, so on to another fitness chat:

i just finished a 2.270mile run about 10 minutes ago. i spent about 30 minutes doing so but i honestly don't care, lol. i completed a mile run at 5.5. mph in about 11:30 mins. so yeah, you might think that's crap but thats actually my best mile time, EVER. before it was about 13:25 back in my freshman year. i was the second to last that time, surprisingly. lol. after my mile, i just jogged and walked the rest of the miles until i reached my 30 min. mark. something strange: during that run, i was EXHAUSTED. i was like, out of breath, weezing, i could barely get my legs moving the whole time. buttt, once i was done, i was completely fine! hah! a part of me was telling me that i should stop, and that i need to rest. another part was telling me "BITCH, GET THE FUCK ON!" haha, more like: if you don't challenge your body, you wont get the results you want. so, my work-outs are motivated by that now, and by a certain new crushhh... but that's beside the point ;) hahaa

i dont know if i told you guys but right now, my weight is at 133.4 lbs. if you remember, i was once 142 when i first decided to get active so, in my opinion, i dont think i did half bad, hah. im also adding weight lifting and core strength training to get my abs in checkk (summer's knockin', and im dying to answer!) now, this (and my consumption of protein shakes) may add to my weight but truthfull, my weight isnt all im worried about. i mean, yeah, it's nice to go down a couple pounds, but i'd rather gain weight in muscle, be lean and toned, and lose inches around my body than be skin and bones with nothing to show except numbers on a scale. plus, being skinny doesnt always mean youre healthy so i live by that now.

ALSO, i've turned to the pescetarian lifestyle now. i enable myself to eat seafood but those are the ONLY animals i eat. sometimes i dont even eat them. just veggies, fruits, and grains. but hey, they lead to beneficial things too, eyy? lol

well, i need to shower. i'm all icky.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

it was a Thursday night...

so, hey again!

its thursday night and i can't sleep because i took a 3 hour nap when i got home from school today. meaning, i probably won't be able to sleep until about 3 hours later than the usual time i sleep (9:30-10:00pm).

on top of that, i feel like a fat pig! i woke up from my nap and went straight to the kitchen and ate 2 bowls of noooodles. like ugh, i knew i shouldnt have but i swear i cant turn away from food, no matter what time it is. i hate it, i feel like shit. i think i need help, lol.

im up in my room, downloading musicc and watching "what i like about you" with Amanda Bynes. i actually like it, its from a while back but i actually just started watching. hah. i think it's a good show though, it's funny.

oh, so over the weekend i played around with my eyeshadows. i wore a greeen shirt with like reddish designs so i did a green look, of course. for background information, the shirt wasnt exactly a VIBRANT lime green color. it was kind of dull actually, like a light olivey color, i guess you could call it. i'm still a beginner so its kind of a crappy job. plus, i did it ALL with ONE 239 brush cause i don't own a blending brush. when i say all, i mean ALL. hah.

yeah so, my skin looks pretty much like crap. i'm still tryna get my whole skin care regimen on track. i'm actually looking into the home remedies stuff since i mayonnaise-up my hur once a month, already. also, my eyebrows are HORRIBLE. one side is thick, one side is thin. theyre totally completely different shapes and they upset me. every friggin day, they upset me. LOL

ANYHOW, if you're interested, here are the products i used:

Urban Decay Primer Potion
NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in Lemon
Coastal Scents 88 matte eyeshadow palette
Sephora mini eyeliner pencils in black
Estee Lauder Projectionist mascara

and, that's all for tonight!

more looks to come! hopefully. Lol


Sunday, May 24, 2009

contest entry!

so, as i've said in my previous post, i was considering entering a makeup contest. about 30 minutes ago, i did it! haha. i finally built up the nerve to post up my entry to the contest. i hope i win! just like everyone else who posted. lol.

anyhowww, i wanted to show you guys the look that i did:

i'm pretty sure it's not the greatest thing you might've seen but i tried! the contest is about using your favorite childhood tv shows as inspiration for your look. i used Helga G. Pataki from Hey Arnold! as my inspiration 'cause its truly a classic for me :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


hola, everyone :)

so, its been a few days and ive been so busy lately. ive been focusing so much on school, my tests, cooking dinner for myself (now that im vegetarian!). well, to update: yesterday, my friends, emily, sam and i went out job hunting. we went all around the monocacy shopping center but no one's hiring. bullll. we even went down town, still none. so, we're jobless, still. :/

today during my first period female only fitness class, my classmates & i decided to play hide-and-seek on our teacher. we made it seem like she lost the whole class by staying in the gym while everyone else went outside (she was also one of the first ones out of the gym and outside). fearing that she may return, we ran into the locker room hallways hiding in every crevice we could find. she FINALLY came back to try to find us, but, she only checked the gym and the actual girl's gym locker room while we were hiding by the weight room hall. and then some other stuff happened, she made us do a mile on the track, but she later laughed it off with us. after all, we're her favorite class :) sorry, it doesnt sound as funny writing about it, you just had to be there, lol.

okay, so, ive been thinking about entering a few makeup contests. ive always thought about actually doing an entry but i never thought i was good enough. actually, i still dont, lol. but, i figured, why the hell not, right? lol. i mean, its a good way to show my skillls (if any, lol) and possibly get rewarded for it! sounds like an awesome deal!

wellll now, i just wanted to do a little update. i have SOOOO much homework and a biology project and report to do. ugh.


Friday, May 8, 2009

im back!

Hello all!

So I don't know, its been like a month or so I believe? Sorry, lol. I was trying to keep up my sale post for as long as I could but, I dearly miss writing down daily thoughts. So, I've decided to pick today to be the day!

As far as sales go, I've decided to open up an EBay account to.post my listings so check me out on there! My EBay name is jcleth. My first listings didn't work out quite as well but, ya live and ya learn, ya know? Hah.

Hmm, oh, so I've ordered a halter bathing suit from American Eagle the other day and I am expecting it to arrive soon. Its a turquisey-blue color and I've ALWAYS wanted one in that color. I was actually tempted to buy a blue halter two piece from Volcolm buttt, it was almost $40 a piece from what I remember. There's NO WAY I'm gonna pay THAT much for a damn bathing suit. Pshhhh...

I spent the evening playing volleyball with my dad. He's been bragging about how good he is so I figured he could give me a few pointers. Of course, I couldn't see his full potential because I suck. Lol. My forearms are all red and sore and my legs feel like they just gave out. Hopefully it'll give me a good night's sleep. I have to get up at 5 am tomorrow for a little morning jog with my dad. whooopie! I'm oddly excited cause I've only got the chance to get one run in all this week. Unfortunately, my alarm has been fucking up and I've been waking up late the past 3 days, even when I THOUGHT I fixed it. Gay shit, man. Lol.

Well anyhow, that felt good to just write. I actually miss doing this :( ... So, I'll do it more often! Tehehe. I'm off to watch the powerpuff girls now, goonight!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

blogger garage sale! pt. 2

so, i've decided to continue my little garage sale, but this time with shirts! whoop whoop!

btw, reach me at jenniferleth@yahoo.com for any questions/concerns.

** UPDATE: i've added a few more shirts & included some pictures with the clothes on me, just incase you wanted to see what it looked like on an actual body. i must warn you though, A LOT of these tend to look tight, thus proving that i NEED to get rid of it. just so i can buy clothes that can actually fit. with yalls help, im sure this is possible :) **

WETSEAL red empire waist dress, size small $15:

HELLZ BELLZ tshirt, size small; "the filth and the fury" $20:

SOCIETY tshirt, size small; "cooley high drop out" $20:
FOREVER21 casual top, size medium $10:
GUESS tshirt, size large; $10:

HELLZ BELLZ tshirt, size small; "missbehave knockin' bitches out the box" $20:

CHARLOTTE RUSSE purple dressy top, size small $10:FOREVER21 grey casual top, size small $10:
BEBE black logo tee, size small $10
I LOVE MY HONEY red tee, size small $5

AEROPOSTALE white button up shirt, size x-small $13 (LMAO i look like the meanest bitch)

Sunday, March 15, 2009


So, its been a while since I've last blogged. I've decided to make today kinda of my "update" day. Now, first things first, I've been slacking on my workouts. I honestly don't know why I've been so lazy but I SERIOUSLY need to get back on track like forreal.
Guess what? I FINALLY got myself a new phone! A Blackberry to be exact, its even pink! Haha. Well, this means I've switched over from Tmobile to Verizon. I'm actually writing this whole entry on it!:) But, this also means that I have 2 spare phones (sidekick 3 & blackjack) their both still pretty awesome. Eh, I'll probably just sell them. Lol.
What else? Hmm... Oh, I did some shopping for my cousin, Somaly (ohmymac.blogspot.com). Her birthday passed in February and although I'm extremely late, I decided to buy her some gifts. I bought her a bottle of Fix+ and the Fun & Games blush from the Hello Kitty collection. Initially, I wanted to get her a tube of the Cute Ster lipstick also but Shelly, the wonderful sales associate, told me that they sold out :( Along with that, my cousin Tina also got her the 2 Dazzleglasses from the Kitty Kouture collection. Very cute.
And I got my permit! Yay! I was so worried cus I didn't even study but that didn't stop my geniusness! Haha. I only missed 2 questions and passed on my first try! Time to get behind the wheel ;)

Goodnight yalll :)

Monday, March 2, 2009


so, my birthday shin-dig was spectacular :)

i had a few friends over along with my family. there was much food, best believe thaat, haha. my cousin has all the pictures in her camera and i'll have to wait a while before i can get them backk. lol. i had a great time though, i hope that everyone else did. it feels good to be 16, finally :)

i'll be going to the MVA this thursday with mi padre to take my much needed permit test, hehe.
wish me luck!

oh, and i've been randomly looking into MAC's Mineralized Skinfinishes lately. i'm not really sure why but it just happened, lol. i always do natural looks everyday to school cus i dont feel the need to dress up. i feel that adding the MSF in So Ceylon or Gold Deposit might be a good touch for a little added color to my face (its just concealer and foundation on my face on a daily basis). i hear they can be quite versatile too, as in like, being used as both a bronzer and a blush, right? lol

well, if you have any comments or reviews to make on msf's, feel free to leave them :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

16 years minus 4 days

Four more days (MARCH FIRST) til my 16th birthday, woooopie!

So on saturday, I'm having this little kick back type of party with bunches of food, family, and friends. I'm definitely excited, for sure. I'll even try to get some pictures up of my little shin-dig for you guys to see :)

Oh, and friday, my cousin tina, her friend mayra, and I are making a plan to go to the Mideval Times! Its like a dinner and a jousting show, which I am soooo siked for! I've been dying to go since like ever! I just hope we actually end up going... lol

But yeaah, that's my little update for today. I'll be back later, muchoo love!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

OPI's South Beach collection

i was bored this morning and decided to look around 8ty8beauty.com for new nail polishes (i had just finished painting my nails with OPI's "a rose at dawn... broke by noon...") because all my nail polishes are fairly old.

upon arriving at the site, i see that OPI has come out with its new collection entitled "south beach", getting ready for the arrival of the warm months, i presume? lol. well anywhooo, the colors look very summery and fun. i have already fallen in love with a few and i'm DYING to get my hands on themmm!

Monday, February 16, 2009

blogger garage sale!

hello allll, 'tis i again :)

well, this weekend, ive FINALLY got around to getting some pictures up of my "for sale" items. im HOPING that i'll get a few offers because since i dont have a job, this is the only way i can get money without asking my parents (who aren't doing so well financially either; darn economy) i have a few today and there will be more coming sooon, possibly in a different entry. but first and for most, here are rules.

1. i accept money orders and concealed cash(i don't have paypal, sorry!)

2. if you have ANY questions whatsoever, don't hesitate to ask; i'm friendly :)

3. only place orders with money in hand, im in need of the money

4. if you have already "placed your order," please dont flake

5. i will send out your items when i recieve your payment first (under no circumstances will i send first)

6. i charge $3-5 for shipping

7. no refunds and/or exchanges (sorry)

- NIKE SB HI "WHEAT" size 5.5 mens, DS condition; never worn, no flaws $375 - one of the first original SB's ever released. one of the few that still have the famous "fat" tounge. fairly rare to find in DS condition.

- KEEP "NUSS" size 8 womens/6.5 mens $60 - in DS condition, never once worn. comes with free KEEP bag.

- KEEP red flannel flats size 8 womens/6.5 mens $20 - these were bought for $30 but were worn a few times so the price has been lowered. still in great condition. this also comes with a free KEEP bag.

- NIKE DUNK HI size 6 kids $40 - worn over 10x but still in fantabulous condition. regular GR dunks.

- NIKE AIR FORCE 1 2007 size 6.5 womens $50 - bought for $80 at MAJOR; worn less than 10x, still in great condition. comes with blue and brown laces.

all of these sneakers/ shoes come in their own box. they're all either too big or too small which is why i want to sell them(also to get extra cash). they're all in great condition.

thanks for looking, i hope you find something interesting. if there are any questions or if you want to see additional pictures, comment me or contact me at daxchicxjenn@yahoo.com.

thanks guys!

Friday, February 13, 2009

no me siento bien :(


so, i've caught a cold. i feel horrible, i can't breathe, i can't sleep, and everything i eat tastes like shittt. grr....
i hate being sick. i have to breathe through my mouth, huyy.

i have family from pennsylvania and new jersey coming over tonight and i'm sooo NOT in the mood this weekend. because of me getting sick and the sudden arrival of relatives, i've had to cancel all the plans i've made with my friends this weekend. didnt like that all too much. :(

gee, my cousins gonna be bored as shieet since ima probably be sick all weekend in bed. aw, i feel bad for them, lol.

oh, and thursday was a bad day. that's when my cold signs started to show up. along with that, my cramps and fatigue started kicking in first block so i tired and in pain all damn day! my head felt like a balloon and on top of that, i'm pretty sure i failed my algebra 2 test that day. i just couldnt think straight.

ugh, i think im gonna go take some nyquil and hope that i fall asleep.

but, have a great valentines day everyone :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

day 15!

Hello alll!

Its early in the morning and I'm eating breakfast while watching family guy and writing this little entry.

So as I've explained to you guys, I've been eating a LOT LOT lately. Because of the possible fat gain (lol), I've decided to bump up my cardio workouts. I'm still keeping most of my strength training and weight lifting in first period but instead of walking at night, I've decided to run/jog instead. So monday, wednesday and friday mornings, I jog for 10 minutes along with a few ab exercises. Every evening I'll do about 10 to 15 minutes of aerobic training along with a few minutes on the jump rope (just to switch it up). I've done research that all said that walking is great but higher intensity workout like jogging or running is better if your goal is weight loss so I've decided to give it a shot. All this in combination of more calories burned than consumed.

I'm excited for school today! Well, kind of. Today in fitness, we've got our pilates day! I absolutely LOVE pilates so I'm definitely gonna be really in the zone today! Lol. Unfortunately, I have 2 tests today, one in biology and one in spanish 3. Gay shit man. Lol

Wish me luck, por favor :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

people, people please...

I'm currently watching NBC4 while writing this little blog on my sidekick.

I really should be working on my biology and algebra 2 homework but I'm just feeling off today. I've eaten so much in the past 2 days; there goes all my hard work!

But I did have a chance to burn off a few calories today in first period doing the "30 day shred." That workout was a killer, I swear I couldn't get up after the 2 circuit. Too bad I ate even more afterwards. I had my lunch (yogurt, chips, and grapes) plus a little sample of a lunch test for the our lunch people. Then I came home, ate rice with sausages, 1 ice cream sandwhich and a bag of chips. Geees.

Sunday I just felt like a fat pig cause I ate like there was no tomorrow, literally. I don't know, I guess the combination of all the bad fooods just had me feeling down today. I think I'll go finish my biology and algebra 2 homework now... then maybe skip the walk tonight and take a nap...


Friday, February 6, 2009

just my fucking luck

oh great!
so around 3 pm my shoe package came in that i ordered right? i was so excited! i opened the box and tried it on immediately when i got into my room. keep in mind, they're a size 5.5. now, i NORMALLY would wear a 6 but i had a pair of women dunks in a 6.5(5.5 in mens), meaning they'd be the same size. i measured them out and everything.

i stuck my feet in and guess what came to my surpise...

its too fucking small. its cause i have fat ass feet, thats why! if any of you know anything about nike sb's, they're made with a fat tounge in order to support your feet when you skate. yeah and since the wheats are one the only dunk hi's that still have a fat tounge, it made the shoe fit smaller :(

i figured i'd be able to fit it cause i had a pair of dunks the same fucking size! but i guess the low and hi part of the shoe caused the problem.

my parents spent $370 on these! and they dont fitttt :( grrrrr...
i cant return them because they dont except exchanges or refunds, fucking bull.

i guess all thats left to do is sell them! (or see if any fat will shed off of my feet, lol)

so any looking to own a DS pair of NiKE WHEAT SB'S in a size 5.5, very rare to find might i add, hit me uppp! i'll probably just sell for the same price that i bought it for since i've never fucking worn it.

grrr... im so pissed. this is bullshit, cereal.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

day 7!

so i've told yall about my little workout regimen right? yep, well its day 7 of that, congrats to mee! haha

here's my set up so far:
5 days a week, i have my first block fitness class that involves strength training and weight lifting to help with my toning and muscle building stuffff. 6 days a week, i walk every evening for 45 minutes at 3.5 mph at a 1% incline. the walks alone burn about 250 calories per walk, all this information according to my treadmill, of course. then on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays i wake up an extra 20 minutes or so to do a 15 minute run (or a mile) at 5mph.

hopefully that'll be good for now. i know, i needa increase but i figured that i need to actually accomplish my goals at these levels before i move on, i dont knoww, seems right. lol.

oh! and my victoria's secret orders came in today with somaly's package! i was so excited to see 2 packages with my name on it. haha. well anywhooo... the bathing suit is adoooorable! like i put it on once i got to my room, lol. the top actually fits pretty swell but having it on i saw all the problem areas i needed to work on. my tummy, legs, and BUTTT! gees, i hate my ass, i really do. its always been a problem for me but im dedicated this year to whip it into shape! haha. i tell ya, all the cardio and strength training really does the work, my butt muscles are really tightening up, believe me!

with that in mind, i know it'll keep me motivated - along with a few special people. :)
so, i've decided to make this my little fitness blog/journal as well as just my everyday life. you'll be able to tell by the title what an entry is about so if it starts with "day..." then you may not wanna read it. lol

i got body measurements! and dont be surprised at how huge i am, i know this and im trying to fix it!
bust = 33 in.
waist = 28 in.
hips = 39 in.
& my current weight is about 142 lbs. yes im a fat pig, but i WILL lose weight and get in shape. i PROMISE you :)

Saturday, January 31, 2009

to wheat, or not to wheat?


sooo... thanks to my cousin, somaly, i realized that my birthday is right around the corner! (hers is even much soooner!) i took the liberty of doing some shopping due to the special occasion! hehe...

as im looking i stumble upon the WHEAT SB's in DS condition. like seriously? you dont even know what went through my mind.

see, the thing about these is that they were released in 2002 in the second SB series, making them somewhat original. now, when they were first released, it was kinda considered a fall and no one payed attention to them. they were just like whatever. these days, many sneaker enthusiasts have their eyes on them to add to their collections. most go for about $500 a pair and i found mines in a size 5.5 for $355! like OHEMGEE, im outta my head right now.

maybe, my parents will buy it for me since it IS my SWEET SIXTEEN!

let's just see how much they love me...hehehe... ;)

but suddenly! i see a pair of SBTG's in a 6 for $320! ahhhh... i never see these in a 6! so im in a dilemma, SBTG or WHEATS??

sorry, yall probably dont care/ dont know what the hell im talking about. haha

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

let's get physical!

okay so, we had another snow day today. yippee! thanks to the snow, ice, and sleet, not to mention the cold ass weatherr!

well today was pretty much like yesterday, except i went for a 35 minute walk! yay me! haha. lately, i've been feeling really like exercise friendly. like, i'm in a get fit mood which im actually pretty glad i'm in cus i really need this, especially with the heat wave coming soon!
my plan is to do all my cardiovascular type workouts at home on the treadmil(thank GOD i have one!) and then focus strength training and weight lifting for my fitness class. so, i'll be getting up at 4:45 to 5 every morning to attempt to run a mile. then go to school and do my strength training stuff. i'll come home, eat, do my homework and then go for like a 30 - 45 minute inclined walk. then MAYBE go for a small snack before bed if im up for it. lol.

i just REALLY need to get committed to this workout regimen because i always do it in the beginning and then slowly fade away from it. its sad, i need to wake up with motivation! which is why i bought that baithing suit yesterday. i hope that this will work because i wanna get fit for the summer time. i miss wearing shorts and skirts :( haha

wish me luck on this!

oh, if you have any tips feel free to leave them :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


no school today, baby!

so, there was all this hype yesterday during first block because it was like flurrying outside. everyone's all like "omg, we're gonna get out early!" well booya bitch, the snow was shit. lol. it was literally like a very thin blanket of snow everywhere, and thats about it! so gah gah, went on with the school day (which wasnt too bad, i might add) and came home with a fucking headache! i fed my dog, ate, and did my spanish and algebra homework. then i was doing shit on the internet, ate again, youtubed and went to bed at like 8. crazy, i know!

well, i woke up this morning at 5:10 and turn on the news (it's become like a routine). first 2 counties to close were montgomery county and frederick county in va. i'm thinking to myself like, it moco gets out, frederick county is definitely getting out and we did! it said "frederick county public schools (md) closed" and so, i put my ass back to sleep for like another 3 hours. lol. now, when i woke up, it was definitely snowing like crazy but as time approached about 11 am, it began to stop. so, it wasnt as crazy as i'd hoped but whatever, im not complaining - snow day baby! haha

so, i was bored during this snow day because i ate, did all my homework, and slept all i could sleep that i decided to do some window shopping online. i visited a lot of stores til i reached victoria's secret that i had to think twice about NOT buying. my cousin, Tina, gave me one of her old gift cards from vs that she didnt use and i was always planning to use the $27 something in it to buy a new baithing suit. soo guess what guys!

i bought a new baithing suit! hahaa. well its not new new since its been on the site for a while but it was finally on sale and it was such a cute cut that i had to get itt! its like red with metallic purple polka dots which i find very fun. its even in a like, bandeau top or whatever, and i wanted to see it so i didd. along with that i bought a babydoll henley just because it was only $10. im a sucker, i know. lol

well, theres my day. ima go grub on something.

peace yalll :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

hello few :)

okay so today is sunday. monday is tomorrow meaning there is SCHOOL!.

we just switched to our second semesters last friday and i already miss my old classes :( the majority of my classes (although i only have 4) are the classes that i suck ASS in! ugh. i can already tell this is gonna be a sucky semester. no more honor roll, boohooo :'( so here's how the schedule is so far:

1st block - strength training/fitness for females
2nd block - spanish 3
3rd block - biology honors
4th block - algebra 2 honors

yeah, i take only SOME honors classes which might be why i suck but whateverrr. see, i suck boobs in both spanish and math and even though the teachers are awesome, i just feel like i cant learn shitt. its sad. i re-took spanish 2 last year just to get a better grade (i finished spanish2 w/ a C in 8th grade) and i ended the whole semester with an A. i loved my spanish 2 teacher but she transferred over to another school so im out of luck :( i hear that my spanish 3 teacher, senora lugo, is cool but then i hear shes a bitch so idk what to think. from first impressions she seems alright but i just cant adapt to the spanish language.

my algebra 2 class is like filled with freshman and im soo pissed! i feel retarded as shit, man! there may be like 5 sophomores in the whole class including me. the sucky thing is that im soooo slow! i dont even know why they put me in ANY type of honors math class, i just cant do it! im not your stereotypical asian so dont assume i am. i suck horribly at math. AND, i failed algebra once already in 7th grade, then passed it with a C in 8th grade, i passed geometry with a C also. now im in algebra 2, i cant imagine what grade i'll get at this rate. my teacher, mrs. steinfelt, is totally nice but i guess since it is an honors class she expects way more than i can give. she knew we were all rusty but i just could not remember shit. i was mad at my own self for being so stupid in math. i mean really, what asian person sucks at math? like no one besides me! i seriously think something is wrong with me.

well, i'll go for this week and if im still shitty, i guess i'll talk to my counselor about both spanish 3 and algebra 2.

now, fitness for females and biology i can handle because i have people there. like, i know quite a few, especially in bio. well, the fitness thing may still be a challenge because i'm not very active but i hope it'll help! lol it sounds like much fun. like coach hontz said we'd be doing like water aerobics, yoga, pilatees, dancing and shit like that. well hell, im definitely up for that. lol and biology, gees, i have people i know thurr too. not anyone that im like best friends with but i guess i can always make new friends. 1st lunch isnt all that great either. i just eat with the people i know in biology. lol

but yeah! theres my update on life lately. oh and about shoe sales, i MAY put up a video because it'll be a lot quicker than doing individual pictures for them. just to show them all around and what not.

well, im gonna go attempt to do my algebra homework.
wish me luck, please.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


hey everyone!

so today i've decided to devote this entry to my "forsale" items. help me out and buy a lil something, something off of mee! haha, jk. well, if any are interested, feel free to reach me through comments, email (daxchicxjenn@yahoo.com), or catch me on facebook (JenniferLeth).

i have pictures but i wont post them unless requested, so hit me upp! :)

  • wmns 6.0 dunk low - light blue, light yellow. reminds me of spring! sz. 6.5
  • wmns mid blazers - tan/gold/blue sz. 6.5
  • kids nike air force 1 - white/red/orange sz. 6 youth
  • KEEP "nuss" - blk/blue plaid - never worn! sz. 8 wmns
  • Polo sneakers - black/white sz. 6 youth
  • kids nike dunk high - grey/light grey/white sz. 6 youth
  • kids jordan II retro - white/red/blk sz. 6.5 youth
  • wmns air force 1 - white/red/blue sz. 6.5
  • kids jordan dub zero - blk/white/blue sz. 6 youth
  • wmns air force 1 - white/red - valentines day edition! sz. 6
  • kids nike dunk low - silver/blk sz. 6 youth

that's all for sneakers! be sure to contact me with ANY questions, especially:condition of the shoes, size conversions, pics, and price!

look forward to doing business :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

mini MAC haul!

guess what just came in!

my order from MAC!

so, i got an email a while ago from them about the items that their going to discontinue and when i was searching through them i absolutely fell in LOVE with the mineralized eyeshadow trio in outspoken. the purples were just too pretty to resist! haha. so along with that, i ordered me the 239 brush because i was tired of using my e.l.f. eyeshadow brush. now, dont get me wrong; the e.l.f. brushes work like their suppose to but i HAD to try the MAC brushes. after all, they are MAC, lol. so yah. i was definitely excited and im fucking ecstatic about using it! haha.
anywhoo... i think theyre offering free shipping if you order one of their "goodbye" items but im not sure if theyre still doing it but definitely check it out. http://www.maccosmetics.com/

oh and i even got pictures! :)

yah, picture heavy, sorry. lol. but there goes my haul!

oh i aint go to school today; i couldnt sleep til like 3am last night and since i normally wake up at 5, 2 hours wouldnt be enough for me. lol.

school tomorrow, that's all for today!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

bye bye winter break!

gee, today is the last day of break!

may i say, im NOT ready to go back to school at ALL. lol. i have an english project and a book due tomorrow, which means i need to get on my grind! haha.

so, i went to Walmart today with my mom, cousin and grandma to do some shopping. my cousin, Bryan and i went by the furniture section and wow, i felt like a light bulb go off in my head. haha. all of a sudden i had this like vision of how i wanted my room to look like! now, i have my mind set on reorganizing my room just like i did my closett. now, my plan is to buy two night stands for both sides of my bed and a desk for my school work/my vanity area. then i'll need to buy like fifteen 10 pc. set of white coat hangers to make my closet look less erratic, lol.

well, if ever i DO happen to buy the furniture and coordinate my dormitorio, i'll do a possible before and after picture, maybe? lol

oh yeaaah. my chucks finally came in today! i saw a box after returning from Walmart with my name on it. i was like wtf did i order? then i checked the return address and i was like "OMG MY SHOES CAME IN, FINALLY!" haha. see, initially i ordered them in October but unfortunately the size 5.5 i ordered was too big and i wasn't gonna be wearing clown shoes on my feet, lol. so, like 3 weeks later i finally got my lazy ass up and returned the shit (which cost me an extra $35, not fair!) and that was in November. it's January 4, 2009 and they're back in a size 4.5 and they fit perfectly! now i can throw away my dingy white air forces (which are also big on me) yay!

but yahh...i need to get to that english project! wish me luck and no more procrastination! lol

- jenn

Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy new years!

hola everyone!

it's officially 2009! i hope you guys had a good new years eve!

i spent my new years eve at emily's house with her friend deanna and amanda.
beer ponging...shhhh... haha
anyways. that was my first time being thaaat fucked up but it was fun reguardless. thee only thing i hated was my hangover this morning...ugh. lol

anywhooo...it was fun and i actually spent my new years eve doing something fun for a change because for the past 3 years, i was always spending them alone so im glad she called me up that night :)

well, i hope you guys had a good night!
i wish you guys the best in 2009!

- jenn