Saturday, January 31, 2009

to wheat, or not to wheat?


sooo... thanks to my cousin, somaly, i realized that my birthday is right around the corner! (hers is even much soooner!) i took the liberty of doing some shopping due to the special occasion! hehe...

as im looking i stumble upon the WHEAT SB's in DS condition. like seriously? you dont even know what went through my mind.

see, the thing about these is that they were released in 2002 in the second SB series, making them somewhat original. now, when they were first released, it was kinda considered a fall and no one payed attention to them. they were just like whatever. these days, many sneaker enthusiasts have their eyes on them to add to their collections. most go for about $500 a pair and i found mines in a size 5.5 for $355! like OHEMGEE, im outta my head right now.

maybe, my parents will buy it for me since it IS my SWEET SIXTEEN!

let's just see how much they love me...hehehe... ;)

but suddenly! i see a pair of SBTG's in a 6 for $320! ahhhh... i never see these in a 6! so im in a dilemma, SBTG or WHEATS??

sorry, yall probably dont care/ dont know what the hell im talking about. haha

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

let's get physical!

okay so, we had another snow day today. yippee! thanks to the snow, ice, and sleet, not to mention the cold ass weatherr!

well today was pretty much like yesterday, except i went for a 35 minute walk! yay me! haha. lately, i've been feeling really like exercise friendly. like, i'm in a get fit mood which im actually pretty glad i'm in cus i really need this, especially with the heat wave coming soon!
my plan is to do all my cardiovascular type workouts at home on the treadmil(thank GOD i have one!) and then focus strength training and weight lifting for my fitness class. so, i'll be getting up at 4:45 to 5 every morning to attempt to run a mile. then go to school and do my strength training stuff. i'll come home, eat, do my homework and then go for like a 30 - 45 minute inclined walk. then MAYBE go for a small snack before bed if im up for it. lol.

i just REALLY need to get committed to this workout regimen because i always do it in the beginning and then slowly fade away from it. its sad, i need to wake up with motivation! which is why i bought that baithing suit yesterday. i hope that this will work because i wanna get fit for the summer time. i miss wearing shorts and skirts :( haha

wish me luck on this!

oh, if you have any tips feel free to leave them :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


no school today, baby!

so, there was all this hype yesterday during first block because it was like flurrying outside. everyone's all like "omg, we're gonna get out early!" well booya bitch, the snow was shit. lol. it was literally like a very thin blanket of snow everywhere, and thats about it! so gah gah, went on with the school day (which wasnt too bad, i might add) and came home with a fucking headache! i fed my dog, ate, and did my spanish and algebra homework. then i was doing shit on the internet, ate again, youtubed and went to bed at like 8. crazy, i know!

well, i woke up this morning at 5:10 and turn on the news (it's become like a routine). first 2 counties to close were montgomery county and frederick county in va. i'm thinking to myself like, it moco gets out, frederick county is definitely getting out and we did! it said "frederick county public schools (md) closed" and so, i put my ass back to sleep for like another 3 hours. lol. now, when i woke up, it was definitely snowing like crazy but as time approached about 11 am, it began to stop. so, it wasnt as crazy as i'd hoped but whatever, im not complaining - snow day baby! haha

so, i was bored during this snow day because i ate, did all my homework, and slept all i could sleep that i decided to do some window shopping online. i visited a lot of stores til i reached victoria's secret that i had to think twice about NOT buying. my cousin, Tina, gave me one of her old gift cards from vs that she didnt use and i was always planning to use the $27 something in it to buy a new baithing suit. soo guess what guys!

i bought a new baithing suit! hahaa. well its not new new since its been on the site for a while but it was finally on sale and it was such a cute cut that i had to get itt! its like red with metallic purple polka dots which i find very fun. its even in a like, bandeau top or whatever, and i wanted to see it so i didd. along with that i bought a babydoll henley just because it was only $10. im a sucker, i know. lol

well, theres my day. ima go grub on something.

peace yalll :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

hello few :)

okay so today is sunday. monday is tomorrow meaning there is SCHOOL!.

we just switched to our second semesters last friday and i already miss my old classes :( the majority of my classes (although i only have 4) are the classes that i suck ASS in! ugh. i can already tell this is gonna be a sucky semester. no more honor roll, boohooo :'( so here's how the schedule is so far:

1st block - strength training/fitness for females
2nd block - spanish 3
3rd block - biology honors
4th block - algebra 2 honors

yeah, i take only SOME honors classes which might be why i suck but whateverrr. see, i suck boobs in both spanish and math and even though the teachers are awesome, i just feel like i cant learn shitt. its sad. i re-took spanish 2 last year just to get a better grade (i finished spanish2 w/ a C in 8th grade) and i ended the whole semester with an A. i loved my spanish 2 teacher but she transferred over to another school so im out of luck :( i hear that my spanish 3 teacher, senora lugo, is cool but then i hear shes a bitch so idk what to think. from first impressions she seems alright but i just cant adapt to the spanish language.

my algebra 2 class is like filled with freshman and im soo pissed! i feel retarded as shit, man! there may be like 5 sophomores in the whole class including me. the sucky thing is that im soooo slow! i dont even know why they put me in ANY type of honors math class, i just cant do it! im not your stereotypical asian so dont assume i am. i suck horribly at math. AND, i failed algebra once already in 7th grade, then passed it with a C in 8th grade, i passed geometry with a C also. now im in algebra 2, i cant imagine what grade i'll get at this rate. my teacher, mrs. steinfelt, is totally nice but i guess since it is an honors class she expects way more than i can give. she knew we were all rusty but i just could not remember shit. i was mad at my own self for being so stupid in math. i mean really, what asian person sucks at math? like no one besides me! i seriously think something is wrong with me.

well, i'll go for this week and if im still shitty, i guess i'll talk to my counselor about both spanish 3 and algebra 2.

now, fitness for females and biology i can handle because i have people there. like, i know quite a few, especially in bio. well, the fitness thing may still be a challenge because i'm not very active but i hope it'll help! lol it sounds like much fun. like coach hontz said we'd be doing like water aerobics, yoga, pilatees, dancing and shit like that. well hell, im definitely up for that. lol and biology, gees, i have people i know thurr too. not anyone that im like best friends with but i guess i can always make new friends. 1st lunch isnt all that great either. i just eat with the people i know in biology. lol

but yeah! theres my update on life lately. oh and about shoe sales, i MAY put up a video because it'll be a lot quicker than doing individual pictures for them. just to show them all around and what not.

well, im gonna go attempt to do my algebra homework.
wish me luck, please.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


hey everyone!

so today i've decided to devote this entry to my "forsale" items. help me out and buy a lil something, something off of mee! haha, jk. well, if any are interested, feel free to reach me through comments, email (, or catch me on facebook (JenniferLeth).

i have pictures but i wont post them unless requested, so hit me upp! :)

  • wmns 6.0 dunk low - light blue, light yellow. reminds me of spring! sz. 6.5
  • wmns mid blazers - tan/gold/blue sz. 6.5
  • kids nike air force 1 - white/red/orange sz. 6 youth
  • KEEP "nuss" - blk/blue plaid - never worn! sz. 8 wmns
  • Polo sneakers - black/white sz. 6 youth
  • kids nike dunk high - grey/light grey/white sz. 6 youth
  • kids jordan II retro - white/red/blk sz. 6.5 youth
  • wmns air force 1 - white/red/blue sz. 6.5
  • kids jordan dub zero - blk/white/blue sz. 6 youth
  • wmns air force 1 - white/red - valentines day edition! sz. 6
  • kids nike dunk low - silver/blk sz. 6 youth

that's all for sneakers! be sure to contact me with ANY questions, especially:condition of the shoes, size conversions, pics, and price!

look forward to doing business :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

mini MAC haul!

guess what just came in!

my order from MAC!

so, i got an email a while ago from them about the items that their going to discontinue and when i was searching through them i absolutely fell in LOVE with the mineralized eyeshadow trio in outspoken. the purples were just too pretty to resist! haha. so along with that, i ordered me the 239 brush because i was tired of using my e.l.f. eyeshadow brush. now, dont get me wrong; the e.l.f. brushes work like their suppose to but i HAD to try the MAC brushes. after all, they are MAC, lol. so yah. i was definitely excited and im fucking ecstatic about using it! haha.
anywhoo... i think theyre offering free shipping if you order one of their "goodbye" items but im not sure if theyre still doing it but definitely check it out.

oh and i even got pictures! :)

yah, picture heavy, sorry. lol. but there goes my haul!

oh i aint go to school today; i couldnt sleep til like 3am last night and since i normally wake up at 5, 2 hours wouldnt be enough for me. lol.

school tomorrow, that's all for today!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

bye bye winter break!

gee, today is the last day of break!

may i say, im NOT ready to go back to school at ALL. lol. i have an english project and a book due tomorrow, which means i need to get on my grind! haha.

so, i went to Walmart today with my mom, cousin and grandma to do some shopping. my cousin, Bryan and i went by the furniture section and wow, i felt like a light bulb go off in my head. haha. all of a sudden i had this like vision of how i wanted my room to look like! now, i have my mind set on reorganizing my room just like i did my closett. now, my plan is to buy two night stands for both sides of my bed and a desk for my school work/my vanity area. then i'll need to buy like fifteen 10 pc. set of white coat hangers to make my closet look less erratic, lol.

well, if ever i DO happen to buy the furniture and coordinate my dormitorio, i'll do a possible before and after picture, maybe? lol

oh yeaaah. my chucks finally came in today! i saw a box after returning from Walmart with my name on it. i was like wtf did i order? then i checked the return address and i was like "OMG MY SHOES CAME IN, FINALLY!" haha. see, initially i ordered them in October but unfortunately the size 5.5 i ordered was too big and i wasn't gonna be wearing clown shoes on my feet, lol. so, like 3 weeks later i finally got my lazy ass up and returned the shit (which cost me an extra $35, not fair!) and that was in November. it's January 4, 2009 and they're back in a size 4.5 and they fit perfectly! now i can throw away my dingy white air forces (which are also big on me) yay!

but yahh...i need to get to that english project! wish me luck and no more procrastination! lol

- jenn

Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy new years!

hola everyone!

it's officially 2009! i hope you guys had a good new years eve!

i spent my new years eve at emily's house with her friend deanna and amanda.
beer ponging...shhhh... haha
anyways. that was my first time being thaaat fucked up but it was fun reguardless. thee only thing i hated was my hangover this morning...ugh. lol was fun and i actually spent my new years eve doing something fun for a change because for the past 3 years, i was always spending them alone so im glad she called me up that night :)

well, i hope you guys had a good night!
i wish you guys the best in 2009!

- jenn