Tuesday, December 30, 2008

hello alll :)

soo, its tuesday...

gee, i can't believe how quickly this winter vacay has gone by! theres less than a week left before school starts all over again. oh no! lol

i did some shopping over the weekend with the other $20 that i had on saturday and bought 2 shirts from aeropostale because their riot sale thingy totally had me! haha

now sunday, party dude!

the 28th was my girl, kelly's birthday and she's FINALLY fifteen! haha congrats, girrrl :)

well, sunday night me and a bunch of friends got together at Chef Lin's buffet for kelly's b-day.

it was definitely fan-fucking-tastic night!

i've decided to leave y'all with a picture from that night.
kelly's in the blue cap if anyone's curious.
aint she just a cutie? haha

see if you can find mee!
(hint - i'm the only tan person there! haha )

- jenn

p.s. is part of that picture cut off or is it just me?

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