Sunday, March 15, 2009


So, its been a while since I've last blogged. I've decided to make today kinda of my "update" day. Now, first things first, I've been slacking on my workouts. I honestly don't know why I've been so lazy but I SERIOUSLY need to get back on track like forreal.
Guess what? I FINALLY got myself a new phone! A Blackberry to be exact, its even pink! Haha. Well, this means I've switched over from Tmobile to Verizon. I'm actually writing this whole entry on it!:) But, this also means that I have 2 spare phones (sidekick 3 & blackjack) their both still pretty awesome. Eh, I'll probably just sell them. Lol.
What else? Hmm... Oh, I did some shopping for my cousin, Somaly ( Her birthday passed in February and although I'm extremely late, I decided to buy her some gifts. I bought her a bottle of Fix+ and the Fun & Games blush from the Hello Kitty collection. Initially, I wanted to get her a tube of the Cute Ster lipstick also but Shelly, the wonderful sales associate, told me that they sold out :( Along with that, my cousin Tina also got her the 2 Dazzleglasses from the Kitty Kouture collection. Very cute.
And I got my permit! Yay! I was so worried cus I didn't even study but that didn't stop my geniusness! Haha. I only missed 2 questions and passed on my first try! Time to get behind the wheel ;)

Goodnight yalll :)

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  1. sweet of u to get ur cuz some gifts ^_^

    congrats on passing ur permit test on the first try =D

    ♥ » Ms. GiLiNG