Saturday, August 1, 2009


heyy all!

gee, its been a while, huh? i've been so caught up in the summer life, ya know? i've recently completed my in-car portion of driver's ed. so i'm excited to be getting my license sooon! :) i'm also planning on going to Ocean City this coming weekend with my cousins. i've also recently sold 2 pairs of my sneakers on EBay, yay! haha. i've also been spending bunches of time with my friends. it's been a great summer lately. this past week alone was one the best weeks of summer i've ever had! happiness :D

oh and by the way, i think with all the days spent with my friends, i've lost a few pounds! i weighed myself yesterday morning and the scale said i now weigh 127 lbs! like oh my! i'm definitely excited noww! if i can work out a bit more, i might be able to get down to 115 lbs. that's like my goal weight! more motivation!

well thats all for now. i'll update more later :)

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