Wednesday, April 6, 2011

To Perm or Not to Perm..

hey ladiess...

So, i'm sitting here this morning before my class and i was thinking... "how about a perm?"
Now, i've ALWAYS wanted to get a perm, but like a body wave kind of perm, not those spiral curls or anything. My current hair texture is pretty thick, it's long (lower back) and it fairly straight with a little bit of movement. It's not completely like board straight or anything since it's so thick. I always wanted to achieve that beachy hair look like those girls do in the summer but unfortunately my hair texture doesn't call for that type of look.

So, i dont know really... I think majority of the issue is the cost of it. I know perms are usually super expensive and a friend of mine paid over $100 for hers and her hair was like half the length of mine. Luckily though, I start training at Panera Bread next Monday so atleast i'll have income. However, I need to pay for my prom dress first.. and that's $350 without alterations. awesome isnt it?

I hate how i already have a list of what to spend my money on: a perm, prom dress, prom tickets, gallons of paint, shelves, clothes, car fixings.... ugh... i need $

I'm trying to sell some of my sneakers for extra support but it's pretty slow. If any of you ladies need kicks, let me know!

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