Wednesday, May 20, 2009


hola, everyone :)

so, its been a few days and ive been so busy lately. ive been focusing so much on school, my tests, cooking dinner for myself (now that im vegetarian!). well, to update: yesterday, my friends, emily, sam and i went out job hunting. we went all around the monocacy shopping center but no one's hiring. bullll. we even went down town, still none. so, we're jobless, still. :/

today during my first period female only fitness class, my classmates & i decided to play hide-and-seek on our teacher. we made it seem like she lost the whole class by staying in the gym while everyone else went outside (she was also one of the first ones out of the gym and outside). fearing that she may return, we ran into the locker room hallways hiding in every crevice we could find. she FINALLY came back to try to find us, but, she only checked the gym and the actual girl's gym locker room while we were hiding by the weight room hall. and then some other stuff happened, she made us do a mile on the track, but she later laughed it off with us. after all, we're her favorite class :) sorry, it doesnt sound as funny writing about it, you just had to be there, lol.

okay, so, ive been thinking about entering a few makeup contests. ive always thought about actually doing an entry but i never thought i was good enough. actually, i still dont, lol. but, i figured, why the hell not, right? lol. i mean, its a good way to show my skillls (if any, lol) and possibly get rewarded for it! sounds like an awesome deal!

wellll now, i just wanted to do a little update. i have SOOOO much homework and a biology project and report to do. ugh.


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