Friday, May 8, 2009

im back!

Hello all!

So I don't know, its been like a month or so I believe? Sorry, lol. I was trying to keep up my sale post for as long as I could but, I dearly miss writing down daily thoughts. So, I've decided to pick today to be the day!

As far as sales go, I've decided to open up an EBay account my listings so check me out on there! My EBay name is jcleth. My first listings didn't work out quite as well but, ya live and ya learn, ya know? Hah.

Hmm, oh, so I've ordered a halter bathing suit from American Eagle the other day and I am expecting it to arrive soon. Its a turquisey-blue color and I've ALWAYS wanted one in that color. I was actually tempted to buy a blue halter two piece from Volcolm buttt, it was almost $40 a piece from what I remember. There's NO WAY I'm gonna pay THAT much for a damn bathing suit. Pshhhh...

I spent the evening playing volleyball with my dad. He's been bragging about how good he is so I figured he could give me a few pointers. Of course, I couldn't see his full potential because I suck. Lol. My forearms are all red and sore and my legs feel like they just gave out. Hopefully it'll give me a good night's sleep. I have to get up at 5 am tomorrow for a little morning jog with my dad. whooopie! I'm oddly excited cause I've only got the chance to get one run in all this week. Unfortunately, my alarm has been fucking up and I've been waking up late the past 3 days, even when I THOUGHT I fixed it. Gay shit, man. Lol.

Well anyhow, that felt good to just write. I actually miss doing this :( ... So, I'll do it more often! Tehehe. I'm off to watch the powerpuff girls now, goonight!

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  1. hey girl!
    welcome back. u've been gone hella long!
    hope to read more posts from u ^_^.
    i heart turquoise! post a pic maybe? when it arrives?