Monday, February 8, 2010

Gooood Morning, Bloggers :)

geees, its been such a LONG time since my last entry.
welll, im back :)

i'll jump into a quick update of my life since it's been so long:

second semester of junior year has begun & it's already kicking my butt

it's been snowing like crazy here on the east coast, there's been blizzards left and right

snow means no schoool! ;)

the last guy i liked screwed me over, & the last guy who screwed me over is back in my life?...

i'm still on my weight loss mission

i'm thinking about volleyball in the fall...maybe

i have 7 piercings & i'm still not satisfied lol

i'lll be seventeeen soooon!

i think that's enough of an update for now.
it's monday morning, i'm at home because of the snowpocalypse this past weekend. we got about 30", shoveling is definitely a pain. my body is still sore from shoveling on saturday, actually.
i'm hoping we won't have soon tomorrow either cause i haven't done any of my psychology homework.
i'm planning on a run later on this evening. let me tell yall about my workout schedule.
monday, wednesday & friday - 30 min. jog/sprint session + weight lifting
tuesday & thursday - 30 min. walk on incline + abs
yeah, so my days consists on school, food, homework, and working out.
sounds like fun, huh? :/


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