Tuesday, February 16, 2010

a new do

i thought about you guys today :)

so, last night, i was playing around with my hair and i realized that my side swept bangs are too long to actually be considered bangs anymore. i sat for a couple minutes trying to figure out a new look but i couldn't. i noticed my scissors not too far away, and an idea popped into my head "i think i'll cut my bangs!" and so, that's how that story goes. i chopped up my hair! i no longer have my signature side swept bangs, i basically have full face bangs, but they aren't thick. they're just very wispy cause i didn't want to go all out on something im just not sure of.

i like it, it's okay. it's just something new for me. i initially was hesitant because my face shape is more round, and you know how they say straight face bangs actually accentuate the roundness. i went with it anyway since i'm still young, i figured i could find a way to work it (and my hair grows really fast). the only downfall is that now, my gray hairs are more visible. lol. i'm only 16 but my gray hairs make me look like im 40, it's really sad. :( oh well!

i snapped some photos for you guys:sorry, my camera's kinda stupid lol


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