Tuesday, November 30, 2010

hey stranger!

sorry, i know it's been months :/

i've been up to my chin in school work. plus, trying to finish college applications that i havent really sent out yet eitherrr... sooo much to dooo :( people werent kidding when they said that senior year was gonna be hectic. i didnt want to believe it but here i am :/ AND i've got my SAT's to take care of Saturday morning too... bummer :(

makeup-wise.. i've been laying off the make up actually. my boyfriend says that he likes the me without the makeup so i thought i should give it a try for him. plus, i had an acne problem at that time tooo :( so, i guess it'll be beneficial for both parties lol the funny thing about my acne situation is that it occurred once i stopped using my foundation. crazy right? initially i was using maybelline's dream smooth mousse foundation (which i LOVE), my skin was peachy. then, boyfriend came, said "no makeup", off with the makeup and then 50 pimples. -_- okay, a bit of an exaggeration but you get the point.

the thing about me and my skin is that i usually am never able to confidently stray away from my foundation and makeup routine. my skin has always been covered in scars, pimples and just uneven skintone in general. even if my skin cleared up from the pimples, i'd still wear my foundations. then, when they popped back up, i'd yell at myself saying "if i had clear skin, i wouldnt wear foundation" just my luck :/

soooo, my boyfriend put me on Palmer's cocoa butter for my face. i was skeptical at first, im not gonna lie. it seemed too thick and oily for my already oily/combo skin but i figured with the cold weather coming up, it might work out...

who knows? :/

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