Sunday, June 7, 2009

1 mile down!

heyyy, so on to another fitness chat:

i just finished a 2.270mile run about 10 minutes ago. i spent about 30 minutes doing so but i honestly don't care, lol. i completed a mile run at 5.5. mph in about 11:30 mins. so yeah, you might think that's crap but thats actually my best mile time, EVER. before it was about 13:25 back in my freshman year. i was the second to last that time, surprisingly. lol. after my mile, i just jogged and walked the rest of the miles until i reached my 30 min. mark. something strange: during that run, i was EXHAUSTED. i was like, out of breath, weezing, i could barely get my legs moving the whole time. buttt, once i was done, i was completely fine! hah! a part of me was telling me that i should stop, and that i need to rest. another part was telling me "BITCH, GET THE FUCK ON!" haha, more like: if you don't challenge your body, you wont get the results you want. so, my work-outs are motivated by that now, and by a certain new crushhh... but that's beside the point ;) hahaa

i dont know if i told you guys but right now, my weight is at 133.4 lbs. if you remember, i was once 142 when i first decided to get active so, in my opinion, i dont think i did half bad, hah. im also adding weight lifting and core strength training to get my abs in checkk (summer's knockin', and im dying to answer!) now, this (and my consumption of protein shakes) may add to my weight but truthfull, my weight isnt all im worried about. i mean, yeah, it's nice to go down a couple pounds, but i'd rather gain weight in muscle, be lean and toned, and lose inches around my body than be skin and bones with nothing to show except numbers on a scale. plus, being skinny doesnt always mean youre healthy so i live by that now.

ALSO, i've turned to the pescetarian lifestyle now. i enable myself to eat seafood but those are the ONLY animals i eat. sometimes i dont even eat them. just veggies, fruits, and grains. but hey, they lead to beneficial things too, eyy? lol

well, i need to shower. i'm all icky.

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