Wednesday, June 10, 2009

happy hump day!

itss wednesday, everyone!

that means, 2 more school days of this week! wooohooo! buttt, i do have my Algebra 2 & Biology finals on Thursday and Friday which is kind of crappy. funny thing is, i suck in both of those classes! my parents checked my grades and saw that i had a C in those two classes (79.2% in Bio & 77% in A2) and are debating on whether or not they'll let me go to my friend, Hannah's, sweet sixteen party. fucking bummer, dude. :( now the pressure's ON to pass those exams because they can potentially give me a B! I NEED THAT B, DAMNIT! haha

well, i talked to my counselor today about a few schedule changes that i was trying to make. since i am absolutely HORRIBLE at math, i decided to drop my Honors Chemistry class i was going to take next year and take AP Environmental Science instead. after all, im much more interested in the environment than in doing chemical equations, ew. but i have 2 more slots available for dropping classes but there's sooo many i regret takingg! :/

i also have my Spanish 2 final next monday. i'm HOPING that wont be too hard because i pretty much know what im doing - pretty much, lol. ANDD i start my first day of Driver's Ed. that same monday after schoool! i'm nervous, and excited for that, haha.

so, lately, ive been OBSESSED with candles and i can't figure out why. i mean at first i thought it was because it made my room smell greaat (my room usually smells gross 'cause my dogs sleeps in my room) but now, i light that shit up once im in my room. idk, i guess its just the relaxed feeling i get from it. especially in a time of final exams, ughh.

well, i just needed to talk to someone soo that's why i wrote all this here, in my cyber journal! haha

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  1. At least you're CLOSE to a B right? Ugh. Grades suck. But today was my last day at school so yay! :]