Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy father's day!

hello everyone, and happy father's day!

i hope you all have something nice to do for your daddies out thurr. my mom and i decided to take my dad out to one of those japanese restaurants where they cook the shit in front of you, like Sakura for instance! i thought that would be fun (if he doesnt get called in to work tonight, ugh)

anyhow, due to the special occasion, i decided to amp up my look a bit. now, theres no foundation on my skin, just highlighter, blush and a little finishing dust so BEWARE - it may be a scary sight, lol. buttt, i decided to do like a neutral, yet smoky kind of loook. my eyes are small so i cant really do much with them, lol.

Urban Decay Primer Potion
EDM "Golden Globe Eye Palette":
-Gold used with MAC FIX+ for lid
-Brown used with MAC+ for crease
CS 88 Matte Palette:
-the 2nd darkest shade for the outer V
MAC MSF in Soft and Gentle for Brow Highlight
Sephora mini eyeliner pencil in black
Wet n' Wild Kohl eyeliner in White for waterline
Estee Lauder "Sumptuous" mascara

MAC MSF in Soft and Gentle for Highlights
EDM "Email Me" blush
EDM "Natural Reflections Light" for finishing powder

NIVEA "a kiss of moisture" lip balm

i also have something else for yaa, i took a picture of me in the outfit i plan on wearing tonight. i wanted to keep it casual, but kinda flyy, ya know? haha, well i tried to atleast, lol. my hairs everywhere cause i got out the shower and im letting it air dry - im thinking about straightening it today, hmm... i'm short and stubby looking, sorry. lol

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