Monday, February 16, 2009

blogger garage sale!

hello allll, 'tis i again :)

well, this weekend, ive FINALLY got around to getting some pictures up of my "for sale" items. im HOPING that i'll get a few offers because since i dont have a job, this is the only way i can get money without asking my parents (who aren't doing so well financially either; darn economy) i have a few today and there will be more coming sooon, possibly in a different entry. but first and for most, here are rules.

1. i accept money orders and concealed cash(i don't have paypal, sorry!)

2. if you have ANY questions whatsoever, don't hesitate to ask; i'm friendly :)

3. only place orders with money in hand, im in need of the money

4. if you have already "placed your order," please dont flake

5. i will send out your items when i recieve your payment first (under no circumstances will i send first)

6. i charge $3-5 for shipping

7. no refunds and/or exchanges (sorry)

- NIKE SB HI "WHEAT" size 5.5 mens, DS condition; never worn, no flaws $375 - one of the first original SB's ever released. one of the few that still have the famous "fat" tounge. fairly rare to find in DS condition.

- KEEP "NUSS" size 8 womens/6.5 mens $60 - in DS condition, never once worn. comes with free KEEP bag.

- KEEP red flannel flats size 8 womens/6.5 mens $20 - these were bought for $30 but were worn a few times so the price has been lowered. still in great condition. this also comes with a free KEEP bag.

- NIKE DUNK HI size 6 kids $40 - worn over 10x but still in fantabulous condition. regular GR dunks.

- NIKE AIR FORCE 1 2007 size 6.5 womens $50 - bought for $80 at MAJOR; worn less than 10x, still in great condition. comes with blue and brown laces.

all of these sneakers/ shoes come in their own box. they're all either too big or too small which is why i want to sell them(also to get extra cash). they're all in great condition.

thanks for looking, i hope you find something interesting. if there are any questions or if you want to see additional pictures, comment me or contact me at

thanks guys!

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