Monday, February 9, 2009

people, people please...

I'm currently watching NBC4 while writing this little blog on my sidekick.

I really should be working on my biology and algebra 2 homework but I'm just feeling off today. I've eaten so much in the past 2 days; there goes all my hard work!

But I did have a chance to burn off a few calories today in first period doing the "30 day shred." That workout was a killer, I swear I couldn't get up after the 2 circuit. Too bad I ate even more afterwards. I had my lunch (yogurt, chips, and grapes) plus a little sample of a lunch test for the our lunch people. Then I came home, ate rice with sausages, 1 ice cream sandwhich and a bag of chips. Geees.

Sunday I just felt like a fat pig cause I ate like there was no tomorrow, literally. I don't know, I guess the combination of all the bad fooods just had me feeling down today. I think I'll go finish my biology and algebra 2 homework now... then maybe skip the walk tonight and take a nap...


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