Tuesday, February 3, 2009

day 7!

so i've told yall about my little workout regimen right? yep, well its day 7 of that, congrats to mee! haha

here's my set up so far:
5 days a week, i have my first block fitness class that involves strength training and weight lifting to help with my toning and muscle building stuffff. 6 days a week, i walk every evening for 45 minutes at 3.5 mph at a 1% incline. the walks alone burn about 250 calories per walk, all this information according to my treadmill, of course. then on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays i wake up an extra 20 minutes or so to do a 15 minute run (or a mile) at 5mph.

hopefully that'll be good for now. i know, i needa increase but i figured that i need to actually accomplish my goals at these levels before i move on, i dont knoww, seems right. lol.

oh! and my victoria's secret orders came in today with somaly's package! i was so excited to see 2 packages with my name on it. haha. well anywhooo... the bathing suit is adoooorable! like i put it on once i got to my room, lol. the top actually fits pretty swell but having it on i saw all the problem areas i needed to work on. my tummy, legs, and BUTTT! gees, i hate my ass, i really do. its always been a problem for me but im dedicated this year to whip it into shape! haha. i tell ya, all the cardio and strength training really does the work, my butt muscles are really tightening up, believe me!

with that in mind, i know it'll keep me motivated - along with a few special people. :)
so, i've decided to make this my little fitness blog/journal as well as just my everyday life. you'll be able to tell by the title what an entry is about so if it starts with "day..." then you may not wanna read it. lol

i got body measurements! and dont be surprised at how huge i am, i know this and im trying to fix it!
bust = 33 in.
waist = 28 in.
hips = 39 in.
& my current weight is about 142 lbs. yes im a fat pig, but i WILL lose weight and get in shape. i PROMISE you :)

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