Sunday, January 25, 2009

hello few :)

okay so today is sunday. monday is tomorrow meaning there is SCHOOL!.

we just switched to our second semesters last friday and i already miss my old classes :( the majority of my classes (although i only have 4) are the classes that i suck ASS in! ugh. i can already tell this is gonna be a sucky semester. no more honor roll, boohooo :'( so here's how the schedule is so far:

1st block - strength training/fitness for females
2nd block - spanish 3
3rd block - biology honors
4th block - algebra 2 honors

yeah, i take only SOME honors classes which might be why i suck but whateverrr. see, i suck boobs in both spanish and math and even though the teachers are awesome, i just feel like i cant learn shitt. its sad. i re-took spanish 2 last year just to get a better grade (i finished spanish2 w/ a C in 8th grade) and i ended the whole semester with an A. i loved my spanish 2 teacher but she transferred over to another school so im out of luck :( i hear that my spanish 3 teacher, senora lugo, is cool but then i hear shes a bitch so idk what to think. from first impressions she seems alright but i just cant adapt to the spanish language.

my algebra 2 class is like filled with freshman and im soo pissed! i feel retarded as shit, man! there may be like 5 sophomores in the whole class including me. the sucky thing is that im soooo slow! i dont even know why they put me in ANY type of honors math class, i just cant do it! im not your stereotypical asian so dont assume i am. i suck horribly at math. AND, i failed algebra once already in 7th grade, then passed it with a C in 8th grade, i passed geometry with a C also. now im in algebra 2, i cant imagine what grade i'll get at this rate. my teacher, mrs. steinfelt, is totally nice but i guess since it is an honors class she expects way more than i can give. she knew we were all rusty but i just could not remember shit. i was mad at my own self for being so stupid in math. i mean really, what asian person sucks at math? like no one besides me! i seriously think something is wrong with me.

well, i'll go for this week and if im still shitty, i guess i'll talk to my counselor about both spanish 3 and algebra 2.

now, fitness for females and biology i can handle because i have people there. like, i know quite a few, especially in bio. well, the fitness thing may still be a challenge because i'm not very active but i hope it'll help! lol it sounds like much fun. like coach hontz said we'd be doing like water aerobics, yoga, pilatees, dancing and shit like that. well hell, im definitely up for that. lol and biology, gees, i have people i know thurr too. not anyone that im like best friends with but i guess i can always make new friends. 1st lunch isnt all that great either. i just eat with the people i know in biology. lol

but yeah! theres my update on life lately. oh and about shoe sales, i MAY put up a video because it'll be a lot quicker than doing individual pictures for them. just to show them all around and what not.

well, im gonna go attempt to do my algebra homework.
wish me luck, please.

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