Wednesday, January 28, 2009

let's get physical!

okay so, we had another snow day today. yippee! thanks to the snow, ice, and sleet, not to mention the cold ass weatherr!

well today was pretty much like yesterday, except i went for a 35 minute walk! yay me! haha. lately, i've been feeling really like exercise friendly. like, i'm in a get fit mood which im actually pretty glad i'm in cus i really need this, especially with the heat wave coming soon!
my plan is to do all my cardiovascular type workouts at home on the treadmil(thank GOD i have one!) and then focus strength training and weight lifting for my fitness class. so, i'll be getting up at 4:45 to 5 every morning to attempt to run a mile. then go to school and do my strength training stuff. i'll come home, eat, do my homework and then go for like a 30 - 45 minute inclined walk. then MAYBE go for a small snack before bed if im up for it. lol.

i just REALLY need to get committed to this workout regimen because i always do it in the beginning and then slowly fade away from it. its sad, i need to wake up with motivation! which is why i bought that baithing suit yesterday. i hope that this will work because i wanna get fit for the summer time. i miss wearing shorts and skirts :( haha

wish me luck on this!

oh, if you have any tips feel free to leave them :)

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