Sunday, January 4, 2009

bye bye winter break!

gee, today is the last day of break!

may i say, im NOT ready to go back to school at ALL. lol. i have an english project and a book due tomorrow, which means i need to get on my grind! haha.

so, i went to Walmart today with my mom, cousin and grandma to do some shopping. my cousin, Bryan and i went by the furniture section and wow, i felt like a light bulb go off in my head. haha. all of a sudden i had this like vision of how i wanted my room to look like! now, i have my mind set on reorganizing my room just like i did my closett. now, my plan is to buy two night stands for both sides of my bed and a desk for my school work/my vanity area. then i'll need to buy like fifteen 10 pc. set of white coat hangers to make my closet look less erratic, lol.

well, if ever i DO happen to buy the furniture and coordinate my dormitorio, i'll do a possible before and after picture, maybe? lol

oh yeaaah. my chucks finally came in today! i saw a box after returning from Walmart with my name on it. i was like wtf did i order? then i checked the return address and i was like "OMG MY SHOES CAME IN, FINALLY!" haha. see, initially i ordered them in October but unfortunately the size 5.5 i ordered was too big and i wasn't gonna be wearing clown shoes on my feet, lol. so, like 3 weeks later i finally got my lazy ass up and returned the shit (which cost me an extra $35, not fair!) and that was in November. it's January 4, 2009 and they're back in a size 4.5 and they fit perfectly! now i can throw away my dingy white air forces (which are also big on me) yay!

but yahh...i need to get to that english project! wish me luck and no more procrastination! lol

- jenn

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