Saturday, January 31, 2009

to wheat, or not to wheat?


sooo... thanks to my cousin, somaly, i realized that my birthday is right around the corner! (hers is even much soooner!) i took the liberty of doing some shopping due to the special occasion! hehe...

as im looking i stumble upon the WHEAT SB's in DS condition. like seriously? you dont even know what went through my mind.

see, the thing about these is that they were released in 2002 in the second SB series, making them somewhat original. now, when they were first released, it was kinda considered a fall and no one payed attention to them. they were just like whatever. these days, many sneaker enthusiasts have their eyes on them to add to their collections. most go for about $500 a pair and i found mines in a size 5.5 for $355! like OHEMGEE, im outta my head right now.

maybe, my parents will buy it for me since it IS my SWEET SIXTEEN!

let's just see how much they love me...hehehe... ;)

but suddenly! i see a pair of SBTG's in a 6 for $320! ahhhh... i never see these in a 6! so im in a dilemma, SBTG or WHEATS??

sorry, yall probably dont care/ dont know what the hell im talking about. haha

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  1. gimme a link nigga! I wanna see what these shits look ike.