Tuesday, January 27, 2009


no school today, baby!

so, there was all this hype yesterday during first block because it was like flurrying outside. everyone's all like "omg, we're gonna get out early!" well booya bitch, the snow was shit. lol. it was literally like a very thin blanket of snow everywhere, and thats about it! so gah gah, went on with the school day (which wasnt too bad, i might add) and came home with a fucking headache! i fed my dog, ate, and did my spanish and algebra homework. then i was doing shit on the internet, ate again, youtubed and went to bed at like 8. crazy, i know!

well, i woke up this morning at 5:10 and turn on the news (it's become like a routine). first 2 counties to close were montgomery county and frederick county in va. i'm thinking to myself like, it moco gets out, frederick county is definitely getting out and we did! it said "frederick county public schools (md) closed" and so, i put my ass back to sleep for like another 3 hours. lol. now, when i woke up, it was definitely snowing like crazy but as time approached about 11 am, it began to stop. so, it wasnt as crazy as i'd hoped but whatever, im not complaining - snow day baby! haha

so, i was bored during this snow day because i ate, did all my homework, and slept all i could sleep that i decided to do some window shopping online. i visited a lot of stores til i reached victoria's secret that i had to think twice about NOT buying. my cousin, Tina, gave me one of her old gift cards from vs that she didnt use and i was always planning to use the $27 something in it to buy a new baithing suit. soo guess what guys!

i bought a new baithing suit! hahaa. well its not new new since its been on the site for a while but it was finally on sale and it was such a cute cut that i had to get itt! its like red with metallic purple polka dots which i find very fun. its even in a like, bandeau top or whatever, and i wanted to see it so i didd. along with that i bought a babydoll henley just because it was only $10. im a sucker, i know. lol

well, theres my day. ima go grub on something.

peace yalll :)

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